3D Mammography

What is a Mammogram?

乳房x光检查是一种低剂量的乳房x光图像,可以帮助医生发现乳房组织中的异常情况. Though, the mammogram cannot detect if the abnormalities are cancer, it can detect if you need to seek further treatment. 现在,由于有了3D乳房x光检查,医生能够更准确地检测出癌症.

Early Detection

专家建议女性根据自己的年龄和健康史定期进行乳房x光检查, 因为八分之一的女性会在一生中患上乳腺癌. 发现乳腺癌可以将五年生存率提高到几乎100%.


What is the Difference Between 2D & 3D Mammograms?

With a 2D mammogram, two x-rays are taken of each breast, from top to bottom, and side to side while the breast is compressed. The breast is composed of fatty tissues, blood vessels, milk ducts, and ligaments, 由于压缩组织重叠,哪些会使诊断异常变得困难. 有了3D乳房x光检查,医生可以看到乳腺组织内的许多层和角度. 3D乳房x光片的图像更加清晰,因为医生可以看到拍摄的每一张切片.

由于3D乳房x线摄影的新技术,保险范围可能会有所不同. 请向您的保险公司查询您的福利和保险范围.

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