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Your comments and concerns are important to us. 若要就任何问题联系apple Healthcare,请致电912-367-9841,ext. 3503. Our address is P.O. Box 2070, 163 E. Tollison St., Baxley, GA 31515.

Please note: For outpatient procedure scheduling and approvals,联系中央调度,电话912-366-6002或传真912-367-1200.

足球比赛下注想知道您对足球比赛下注的服务和服务是否满意, as well as suggestions for improvement. To help us measure our efforts, we follow up with our patients after their hospital stay, and if we contact you by mail, 足球比赛下注希望您能花点时间回答足球比赛下注的调查问题(由NRC Picker提供)。. Your comments will help us improve the way we provide care. We also welcome and encourage your comments at any time. 所有信息用于支持足球比赛下注不断提高您的护理质量和安全的努力.

足球比赛下注鼓励您致电(912)367 -9841与足球比赛下注分享您的担忧. 3503.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns, 足球比赛下注建议您与乔治亚州社区卫生部联系, Two Peachtree St, NW Atlanta, GA 30303 (404-657-5726 or 800-878-6442).